Bettiol Group

Department of Physics, National University of Singapore

Diamond photonics and electronics

Diamond has exceptional physical, electronic and chemical properties that make it an excellent material for extreme conditions, industrial applications and for biology due to its biocompatibility. It is the hardest material with high thermal conductivity and it is resistant to most chemicals. In addition to its unique physical properties, diamond has exceptional optical properties. It has high transparency, refractive index and able to support more than 500 colour centres.

Despite having such highly desirable properties, diamond has not been extensively used for optical applications due to the variability in quality of natural diamonds and difficulties in processing and patterning of these diamonds into devices. More recently, the development of high quality synthetic diamonds have revolutionized commercial and research applications of diamond making them cheap and easily available. These advances are due to the development of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) grown Diamonds that have highly reproducible material properties.