Bettiol Group

Department of Physics, National University of Singapore

Research Areas

Optics and Photonics
• Ion beam modification of materials for applications in micro/nanophotonics.
• Active plasmonics, loss mitigation in micro-optical systems, enhancement of light emission using plasmonics.
• Mid-IR optics, passive and active devices for biosensing.
• Integrated optics for microfluidic applications.
Nuclear Microscopy and Radiobiology
• Proton induced fluorescence microscopy in biological systems - Super-resolution imaging.
• Radiation effects in single live cells - Applications in cancer treatment using particle therapy.
• Development of diamond based radiation hard particle detectors, delta-E detectors using thin membranes,radiation dosimetry.

Research Highlights
• Editors Choice, Science Vol. 301, 5 Sept. 2003 page 1292, ”Accelerating Lithography.”
• News Breaks, Laser Focus World, March 2004 page 9, ”Proton Beam Writes erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers.”
• Research News, Materials Today, July/August 2004 page 21, ”Writing Structures in Silicon.”
• Research/Researchers, MRS Bulletin, Vol. 31 MAY 2006 pages 367-368, ”3D Nanostructures in Hydrogen Silsesquioxane Achieved by Proton Beam Writing.”
• News Breaks, Laser Focus World, December 2010 page 9, ”Microfluidic chip has integrated optics for particle sorting.”
• News and Views, Nature Photonics, Vol. 5, Feb. 2011 page 74, ”Optical Microfabrication: Proton-beam Writing.”
Science Daily 4th Oct. 2011, ”Helium Raises Resolution of Whole Cell Imaging.”
Science Daily 8th Jul. 2014, ”Plasmonics: Minimizing loss by thinning, smoothing."
Research Opportunities
If you are a student from India and would like to do a summer internship in my lab. Please apply through the
SIPIS programme.