Bettiol Group

Department of Physics, National University of Singapore

Research Fellows

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Dr Mi Zhaohong
Projects: Diamond Particle Detectors, Radiobiology, Nuclear Microscopy
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Dr Yang Chengyuan
Projects: Diamond Particle Detectors, Radiobiology, Nuclear Microscopy
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Mr Jin Huining
Project: Diamond Photonics

Graduate Students

Former Graduate Students

As main supervisor

  1. Chiam Sheryi (PhD 2012) Electromagnetic resonance in 3-dimensional metallic structures
  2. Yan Yuanjun (PhD 2012) Fabrication of 3D metamaterials using two-photon polymerization and selective silver electroless plating
  3. Chen Xiao (PhD 2012) The construction and implementation of a dedicated beam line facility for ion beam bioimaging
  4. Sudheer Kumar Vanga (PhD 2013) Ion Beam Writing and Modification for integrated optics
  5. Yang Chengyuan (PhD 2015) Plasmonic Enhanced Devices
  6. Shuvan Prashant Turaga (PhD 2015) THZ Optics and metamaterials: Design, Fabrication and Characterization
  7. Mi Zhaohong (PhD 2015) Development and biological applications of high resolution ion beam induced fluorescence microscopy
  8. Issenjou Achille Michel Jacques (MSc 2017) Microfluidic devices with integrated optics for the study of C.elegans
  9. Choi Kwan Bum (PhD 2017) Modulated photoluminescence technique for solar cell characterization
  10. Shi Yi (PhD 2018) Plasmonic control of quantum dots light emission towards fast white light emitting diodes
  11. Tao Ye (PhD 2018) Radiobiological End Station for Sub-Micron Proton Beam Irradiation of Live Cells at Centre for Ion Beam Applications
  12. Tan Hong Qi (PhD 2018) Development of DAQ system for radiobiology beamline and integrative radiobiology simulation
  13. Jin Huining (PhD 2018) Light guiding photonic devices in single crystal diamond

As co-supervisor

  1. Sum Tze Chien (PhD 2004) Waveguide fabrication using proton beam writing
  2. Chammika Udalagama (PhD 2005) Optimization and computer control of the sub 100 nm proton beam writing facility at CIBA
  3. Hoi Siew Kit (PhD 2010) Development of Integrated microuidic systems with added optical functionality
  4. Ow Yueh Sheng (PhD 2011) Micromachining of Silicon via ion Irradiation with Porous Silicon Formation
  5. Sureerat Homhuan (PhD 2011) Single cell electroporation using proton beam fabricated biochips
  6. Chan Sook Fun (MSc. Chemistry 2011) Proton Beam Fabricated Lab-on-a-chip for Single Molecule Detection
  7. Wu Jianfeng (PhD 2014) THz Meta-foils:A Platform for Practical Applications of Metamaterials